Day 20 – The Marathon Called Life

Posted on August 4, 2012


Waking up at seven for us usually means a long day. That is how yesterday started and that is how it ended, long. That is why our post is late.

Max has been sleeping through the night but getting up early. Spark helped Cory start the day off and cereal helped him. Cory finished off his meal replacement shake and MNS and headed off to work. It was a busy day of work. Cory had a new employee started in training, and sales have been good.

Cory added a second Spark at 3 to help finish off the work day. Then we hopped in the car for a four hour road trip to the Grandparents’ house to take Max to visit. Spark was definitely helpful in tolerating the boring ride down Indiana on 65 and across on 64.

Since we are late for our Day 19 post we will make it short, look out for another post this evening!

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