Day 21 – To the MAX

Posted on August 5, 2012


toddler, dance, cute, summer

Who wants to sleep when you can just sit around being this cute?

What a weekend!

We took a road trip this weekend to visit Jaymie’s parents in southern Indiana, and between the driving and the end-of-summer partying, we had hits to our energy level as well as our nutrition intake.

Cory drove, so he took a Spark to the wheel, while Jaymie in the passenger seat took a nap instead. Max took after his daddy in this respect, forgoing a nap and instead watching the trees and trucks and quacking at other drivers.

The long drive each way, combined with the short nights’ sleep, took the toll on our energy level. On the nutritional front, the meal of choice in Evansville was fried chicken, with homemade macaroni and cheese as the side. Needless to say, we’ll be exercising a little more than normal to make up for that!

Despite the too few hours of sleep and the too many cookies, the visit was great for our psyches. We also delivered the Herbal Cleanse to Jaymie’s mom and protein bar samples to her dad, so we’re spreading the word about AdvoCare all over the state!

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