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Day 23 – Share your story

August 7, 2012


We’re almost all the way through the Challenge! It is amazing to us that we’ve been using AdvoCare products for more than three weeks already. It feels like yesterday that we barely had enough energy to make it through the day. We feel trimmer and more energetic, which is really why we went for it […]

Day 22 – You might need AdvoCare…

August 6, 2012


if you find yourself nodding off while reading your kids their good night story … you might need AdvoCare. if you think about running, then take a nap instead … you might need AdvoCare. if you look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself under the extra pounds … you might need AdvoCare. if you […]

Day 21 – To the MAX

August 5, 2012


What a weekend! We took a road trip this weekend to visit Jaymie’s parents in southern Indiana, and between the driving and the end-of-summer partying, we had hits to our energy level as well as our nutrition intake. Cory drove, so he took a Spark to the wheel, while Jaymie in the passenger seat took […]

Day 18 – Spark a Change in Your Life

August 2, 2012


We’re in the last week of the Challenge, and we must be noticeably more energetic and healthier because several people have asked us what we’ve been doing different and how they can jump on the bandwagon. The differences we’ve made: Eating more fruit, less junk food Drinking more water, fewer sugary drinks Supplementing our diet […]

Day 16 – Spark’ing through a Day off!!!

July 31, 2012


Some days just end up being a lot more work than you intend them to be, even when it is your day off. The day started with our son kicking Cory in the back throughout the early morning. Yes, they make beds to prevent that, but our little one has been feeling bad so he […]

Day 14 – Back to the Brickyard

July 29, 2012


This morning was a return to the Brickyard with a little different event going on. Instead of taking a lap around the track as part of the mini-marathon, Cory rooted on his favorite driver Jeff Gordon, who took 160 laps around the track. He and his brother staked out a spot at the inside of […]

Day 9 – Rev your engines

July 24, 2012


We’re just one day away from completing the 10 Day Cleanse! We’ve both lost some weight and gained some energy. For example, Jaymie took two packets of V16 with her to work today because of her lack of sleep last night. To her surprise, she never even reached for the second packet. Good thing we’ve […]