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Day 22 – You might need AdvoCare…

August 6, 2012


if you find yourself nodding off while reading your kids their good night story … you might need AdvoCare. if you think about running, then take a nap instead … you might need AdvoCare. if you look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself under the extra pounds … you might need AdvoCare. if you […]

Day 21 – To the MAX

August 5, 2012


What a weekend! We took a road trip this weekend to visit Jaymie’s parents in southern Indiana, and between the driving and the end-of-summer partying, we had hits to our energy level as well as our nutrition intake. Cory drove, so he took a Spark to the wheel, while Jaymie in the passenger seat took […]

Day 18 – Spark a Change in Your Life

August 2, 2012


We’re in the last week of the Challenge, and we must be noticeably more energetic and healthier because several people have asked us what we’ve been doing different and how they can jump on the bandwagon. The differences we’ve made: Eating more fruit, less junk food Drinking more water, fewer sugary drinks Supplementing our diet […]

Day 13 – Running for Gold

July 28, 2012


Today was the third day Jaymie and Cory took the Max Phase nutrition supplements. Unfortunately, Max had a fever and wasn’t feeling well. It was certainly different to feel like we had more energy than our toddler! Speaking of energy, Cory drank two Sparks today and went running again for the first time since he […]

Day 7 – Get rid of all that ‘stuff’

July 22, 2012


The message in Sunday service this morning was on clearing your life of all the extra ‘stuff’ and focusing on your faith. Stuff can be physical or emotional; the main criterion is that it is something that diverts your attention. For a lot of us, body image is something that defines us. What you see […]

Day 2 – Awake and alert

July 17, 2012


Lots of positive feedback today: Jaymie noticed a perceptible difference in her performance at work today – throughout her team meeting, a time she normally spends  yawning, she only yawned once! Each of Jaymie colleagues have now tried an AdvoCare product, and she’s gotten nothing but great reviews about them. One co-worker who is training […]

Day 1 – Kick off the cleanse

July 16, 2012


Our first day of the cleanse, Cory parceled out our morning drinks of the fiber supplement and sent Jaymie off to work with instructions of fruit, salad, and nuts. We were both excited to feel the difference in our first day on the AdvoCare products. Throughout the day, we drank bottle after bottle of water […]