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Advocating for Friends

August 18, 2012


We’ve got two friends going through the Herbal Cleanse, and we’re excited to share their results. One started Wednesday, August 15, and the other finished that same day, losing three pounds and feeling much healthier. Both will write guest posts in the next few weeks, so you can hear their experiences. We can’t wait to […]

Day 12 – Max it UP!!!

July 27, 2012


To start off we are going to recap the end of the cleanse phase that we postponed yesterday due to the awesome AdvoCare event hosted by the Hosiers in Indy. At the start of the Cleanse phase Cory weighed 169 lbs, whereas at the end he weighed in at 158 lbs. He has decided that […]

Day 10 – Cleanse, Mixer Recap

July 25, 2012


Today was the last day of the cleanse. Recap: Days 1-3 – Fiber drink before breakfast, Omegaplex pills before dinner, Herbal cleanse caplets before bed Days 4-7 – Probiotic restore pills before breakfast, continue with Omegaplex and Herbal cleanse caplets Days 8-10 – Fiber drink and probiotic restore pills before breakfast, Omegaplex pills before dinner […]

Day 4 – Sleep-deprived

July 19, 2012


They say that if you do anything three days in a row, it becomes a habit. (By ‘they’ I mean parenting book writers!) It certainly felt odd not to drink the fiber supplement before breakfast this morning, so there might be something to that. On days 4 through 7, the Herbal Cleanse calls for participants […]

Day 3 – High Five!

July 18, 2012


So far so good. Frankly, we were both up way too late last night. So Jaymie expected to be much more tired today than she ended up being. Her yawn count went up a little, but on 5 hours of sleep, she wasn’t too worried about it. In fact, this was a pretty good test […]